Saturday, March 8, 2008

snowstorm = life ruiner

ok, so perhaps "life ruiner" is a little extreme. but it's definitely ruining my saturday night!

my frustrations in list form:

1. bf was supposed to come visit me at school this weekend but was unable to do so. why? too much snow.
2. friends and i were supposed to go out tonight (while i was hesitant go out earlier today, cabin fever has made me do a 180 since then), but aren't anymore. also due to too much snow.
3. i had planned on going to american apparel to get some leather-like spandex, but was unable to leave my house because there was too much effing snow.
4. i want to eat my face off becasue (a) i'm lonely, (b) i have nothing else to do minus work (work doesn't count because i hate it), (c) i can't order movies through cable at my house at school, (d) i was really looking forward to buying new leggings, and (e) i hate snow.

um, yeah, so tonight sucks. ahhh well, i'll get through it. i just have to remember to find things to do besides eating. like... remembering that there are people in the world who have much bigger problems than a measley little snowstorm. i'm officially a horrible human being.


eurydice said...

what university do you go to? this snow is definitely putting a damper on going out plans!

Glam said...

Nope, I'm with you -- this snow is definitely a life ruiner! I hate it!!! HATE IT! Although, it did force me to do responsible things like clean my apartment and file my taxes. Being stuck in doors will do that to you...

Cheer up, Doll. It has to melt sometime, right? That's what I keep telling myself anyway...

death by chocolate said...

thank god it's already started to melt. i can't wait for spring! i've started wearing my new ray bands every day in preparation, haha.

eurydice - i go to western in london. i've been here for the past 4 years, and am in my last month of school! i'm moving back to toronto in april.

glam - thanks for the post! at least you were productive while you were stuck in doors! i just sat around and wrote angry blog posts!