Friday, March 7, 2008

finally back!

after 10 days in europe, and possibly the 5 busiest days of the school year yet, i finally have my life organized again! phew. i get so antsy when my room is messy and when my fridge is empty. but today i knocked both cleaning and grocery shopping off of my todo list. way to go me!

well, i'm way overdue for a recap of the past 2 weeks, so here i go:

1. europe was phenomenal. one of the best trips i've ever been on. i went with my roomie and our mutual friend ash. although our flight out was delayed by 12 hours (grrr!), we arrived in glasgow, scotland safe and sound and partied there the first night. the next day we flew to paris (yes, paris! i was actually there!) and spent 4 days exploring the city. highlights from paris: drinking 2 euro bottles of wine, the louvre (greek and roman ruins, divinci, 15th and 16th painters), the mussee d'orsay (manet, monet, degras, van gogh), montemarte, and, of course, le tour eiffel (god, i'm so french!) oh, and did i mention the shopping? 2 dresses, 1 coat, and a few accessories. all in all, i did pretty well for myself! we then took a train to amsterdam where, as you may have guessed from my last post, we got out of this world high. here's a little tip for all of you travellers out there: when the woman who sells drugs for a living tells you to only eat 1/2 a space cake, do not, i repeat, do not, eat more than 1/2 a space cake. otherwise you'll end up like my friends and i: stoned for 24 hours plus. i kid you not. anyways, after 3 days in amsterdam (1 of which i have no recollection of... thanks, space cakes), we returned to paris for our last night and flew back to toronto the following day.

here are some pictures from our trip:

(entrance to the louvre)

(some sweet graffiti we found in montemarte)

(the real moulin rouge. it was slightly disappointing, actually. i thought the pink elephant from the movie was real!)

(my roomie and i (i'm in the dress!) checking out some bikes for rent. you can rent them for a few hours all over the city and then drop them off at another bike rack. pretty cool idea)

(downtown amsterdam)

2. as i mentioned previously, this week has been crazy busy. i got back on tuesday to a pile of work that i didn't even know i had. the jet lag didn't help things either. everything is all done now... thank god! my calendar is pretty open until the end of the semester when i have 1 exam. that's right, you heard me. 1 exam. i lucked out this year!
3. while i was away, i was really worried about my weight. i was very disappointed in myself to see how much it bothered me. i thought that i had let go of a lot of negative feelings when i got through my "too skinny" period a couple years back. but unfortunately they reared their ugly heads again while i was away. in retrospect, however, i had no cause for concern: i put on 2.1 pounds (tuesday morning weigh in), all of which i lost in 2 days (thursday morning weigh in). since i've been back, i haven't experienced any of those ugly emotions. i hope i can keep them at bay.
4. the project that was due the day i left turned out horribly. the project iself was alright, but our group dynamic went to complete shit. ah, well, except for the presentation we have to make in a couple of weeks, it's over. however, there was one good thing about the project: i learned a lot about managing people. i made tons of mistakes, as my group members did as well, but i truly believe that we are all the better for it. i hope i remember the lessons i learned from this experience when i start my new job in the fall!

wow, what a recap. and now on to what i've eaten today:

1/2 cup instant oatmeal (2.5)
1/2 tbsp. peanut butter (1)

1 all bran bar (2)
1 source yogurt (1)
1 coffee with 2 tbsp. 2% milk (0.5)

2 slices ww bread (1)
3 oz. turkey (2)
3/4 cup campbell's healthy request minestrone soup (1.5)
1 medium apple (1)

1 scoop whey powder (2)
1 small banana (1.5)
1/2 cup frozen unsweetened blueberries (0.5)

1/2 cup amy's spicy vegetable chili (1.5)
1/2 cup garbanzo beans (2)
1 small baked sweet potato (1.5)
salad (0)
dressing made with 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. dijon mustard, and lemon juice (1)

that leaves me with 2.5 points for the rest of the day. definitely doable.

i have yet to get in any exercise today, but i plan on going to the treadmill downstairs and walking inclines for about 40 minutes.

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eurydice said...

great pictures - i really like your hair... very cute!