Wednesday, February 13, 2008

week 1 in review

well, first of all, i accomplished all of my weekly goals. i saved up tons of flex points for the weekend with my bf, i worked out 4 times (twice at the gym and twice in my building), i posted regularly, and i drank a lot ot water. the last one actually got me into a little bit of trouble: one of my profs noticed me periodically leaving his class and asked me what the eff i was doing (my response? i just pointed to my 1 litre bottled of evian and shrugged). sometimes you have to make sacrifices to be skinny.

anyhoo, i'm particularly proud of myself for going to my building gym today. i really, really did not want to go. but in my laziness i stumbled upon a little saying ("you never regret going to the gym, but you do regret not going"), which made me feel guilty about feeling guilty about not going, so i dragged my butt downstairs for some exercise. i ran intervals for 25 minutes. my goal was to run for 30 minutes, but i found my workout to be extra difficult today (maybe because i was super tired?)

one thing i really shouldn't have done this week: pig out on saturday. i knew that i would be going out for a fancy dinner with the bf, so i "reasoned" that the entire day was a write off. i felt so gross afterwards, and i probably would have enjoyed the dinner more if i hadn't been so full of food going into it. i really need to shake this kind of thinking. it doesn't get me anywhere.

lastly, i love exercise! i was feeling lethargic before my run, but now i have so much energy. next time i don't feel like working out, i should remember this feeling. it feels good to be break a sweat.

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