Friday, February 8, 2008


i didn't make one of my goals today. i went over my activity points and used some of my flex points to cover my mountain of a dinner. i used 5.5 flex points, to be exact. right now i'm really frustrated with myself. i was planning on saving as many points as possible for my big dinner out tomorrow night. now i only have 27 to work with. grrr!

on a happy note, i made (and exceeded) the fitness goal i set for myself last night. i went to the gym, even when i really didn't want to, and got in a solid 35 minutes on the eliptical trainer and another 20 minutes of walking incline intervals on the treadmill. way to go me! i know i was planning on running for 30 minutes today, but since i went to the gym, and wasn't confined to my apartment, i decided to take advantage of the equipment. i'm planning on running in my building on sunday.

i'm heading out for drinks with the boy and some of his work buddies later tonight, but i vow not to touch a drop of alcohol. you heard me. no alcohol for me. just dc and water with lemon. except for tomorrow, this is going to be an alcohol free weekend. finally!

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