Monday, February 11, 2008


yay me! yesterday i stayed on plan, and even managed to squeeze in a 45-minute work out before i went to bed. i ate 27 points, 2 above my target of 25 per day. but i also earned 4 activity points from my work out, so i'm still on track. i'm hoping today goes just as well as yesterday. here's my planned menu for the day:

1 egg (2)
2 slices ww bread (1)
1 tbsp. blue menu jam (0)
1/3 cup plain non-fat yogurt (1)
1/2 cup frozen raspberries (0)
1 cup coffee with 1/4 cup silk light (0.5)

1 all bran bar (2)
1 Source yogurt (1)

2/3 cup cooked whole wheat pasta (1.5)
1 cup canned crushed tomatoes with spices (0)
1/2 can of tuna (1.5)
1 tsp. olive oil (1)
1 small orange (0.5)

don't know what i'm going to do about afternoon snack or dinner yet. i'll probably grab something on campus for my snack, and then come home to whip up something delicious for dinner.

ahhh! only drawback to yesterday: i didn't get as much done as i was hoping to. i got the first 2 things on my list done, but i still have the remaining 3 to do, as well as the things on my to do list for today. yikes! it's going to be another busy day. i'm thinking of skipping my last class of the day (shhh!)

alright, now for today's goals:
1. stay on on plan - under 25 daily points
2. try to squeeze in some exercise - even just riding the bike or walking inclines in my building for about 25 minutes
3. get school work done!

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