Sunday, February 10, 2008

sunday no-fun-day

i have a lot of work to do today. i mean a lot of work. i'm slightly stressed. i should have done more work on wednesday and thursday before i went away for the weekend. oh well, looking back on what i should have done is not going to help me get through it all today. here's is what i have to do:
1. prepare case for group meeting - due this evening
2. prepare case for class - due tomorrow morning
3. study for geob test - due tomorrow (practice test) and tuesday (actual test)
4. write negotiation paper - due wednesday morning
5. nvp - due next week (ahhh!)

actually, when i write it all out, it doesn't seem like i have THAT much to do. that being said, today is still going to be a busy day. but i'm ready for it. i've taken 2 advils, got my chai tea, and put on my study clothes (also known as super baggy compfy clothes). here i go!

before i get down to work, a little recap on my eating this weekend (after all, this is a healthy living blog!) so i didn't stay away from the alcohol on friday night. in fact, i got pretty wasted. and then i went to burrito boyz and had a delicious chicken burrito, extra spicy (yeah you heard me, i'm tough like that). saturday was not much better. in fact, it was much worse. it was my unofficial anniversary anniversary (it's this week, but we won't be able to see each other on the actual day), so i decided to celebrate by stuffing myself full of left over pizza and chips from the night before. there were even times when i remember thinking, "i don't want to eat this, i'm just eating this because it's here." ugh! that's the kind of mindset i need to break. if only i listened to my inner voice more often.

anyways, my bf and i spent our non-anniversary anniversary by going to the mall and watching a movie (we're a wild and crazy couple). we also went out for an amazing tapas-style dinner. on our way back to his place after dinner, we bought all of the fixings to make icecream sundaes, which we made right before we went to bed (not good for the waist line!) so unncessary, yet so phenomenal.

so, in summary, i feel like a big pile of crap today. a big pile of fat crap.

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