Tuesday, April 8, 2008

tomorrow's todo

disclaimer: this post is going to bore the hell out of everyone who isn't me.

feeling slightly overwhelmed right now, so thought that i would make a todo list. i always feel more accountable when the entire blog world is witness to my activities.

- make healthy lunch and snacks (bought lunch, made snack)
- go for a run (done)
- complete passport application and find guarantor (looong story on this one - let's just say it starts with my roommate doing a little spring cleaning and ends with my passport being thrown out 1 month before my trip)
- book stay in hong kong (recent addition to trip) (done)
- pick up information for group project 1 (done)
- read information and put together outline for project 2
- study for thursday exam
- 4 hours of student interviews (looking to find a replacement for one of the conferences i'm involved with) (done)
- take shirt to dry cleaners
- fold mountain of clothes
- finalize loan details
- finalize new visa details
- go to yoga (if there's time)

1 comment:

Glam said...

You are so very welcome! Tackle that To Do list one thing at a time. Next thing you know, it'll be finished and you'll be carefree!

And if there's not time for yoga, throw in an impromptu stretch session wherever/whenever you can. It counts!